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Weather in Croatia


Perfect way to explore Croatia as one of the worlds yachting and sailing favorite destination is by any types of yacht charter such as: sailing boatscruising gullets, motor yachts, bareboat charter, skippered charter, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yachts. Not only because of over 1000 island on relatively small territory but also because of moderate climate.

Warm and long summer, pleasant spring and autumn, and mild winters – makes Croatia perfect for sailing in any part of the year. Chartering boat in Croatia in summer time season, which lasts from June till September will get you sunny, warm days, perfect for summer sports or family type vacation to explore Adriatic sea in every possible way. Spring and autumn will give you chance to experience better condition for real sailing, because more wind which will get you to hoist your sails and feel how your sail boat or catamaran can sail using only wind as a propulsion. Winters are bit colder and last from December until the end of the February. During winter you can’t swim, but hard core sailing or yachting are very possible. Being at the boat at that time will give you opportunity to enjoy silent yachting, bigger cities and islands without tourist and show you how are residents living in that picturesque places.



Main winds on the Adriatic are bura (bora) and jugo-siroco (jugo-scirocco). They prevail in the winter period from September to May. The prevailing wind in the summer is themaestral.

The bora is a cold and dry north-easterly wind. It blows from the continent towards the open sea and brings bright weather. It starts abruptly and blows in squalls toward the sea. It is strongest in the Velebit Channel and the Gulf of Trieste. In the summerborablows as a local wind and then lasts only a few days. In the winter it may continue for six to fourteen days.

The jugo is a warm, humid southeast wind. It is accompanied by heavy clouds and rain. It is not a sudden wind like theborabut takes more than a day to develop. It blows throughout the Adriatic. In the summer it may appear as a local wind and is more frequent in the southern part of the Adriatic, which you will feel if you charter a sailing yacht or motor yacht from Dubrovnik. Between March and June it blows in the north as well.

The maestral is a local pleasant thermic wind which blows from the sea, mostly in the summer. It usually starts between 10 and 11 in the morning and reaches its greatest strength between 2 and 3 in the afternoon to die down at sunset. It brings good weather. It is usually accompanied by white clouds.

Burin, a thermal north-easterly, blows in the summer from the mainland, especially during nights.

Tramontana is a type of bora; it is a northerly.

Another type of bora is the easterly wind levante. From west blows pulenat and from south-west lebic.

The landward breeze is good wind, friendly to sailors, because it softness the heat. It is very usual from spring to fall.

The nevera, a violent westerly, comes as a storm or squall. The Adriatic storms do not last long and some of them leave behind pleasantly cool air.

In the summer winds are predominantly westerly (maestral and tramontana). Ideal amount of wind for sailing is during spring when winds are light to moderate.

September and October will provide you the right winds to experience sailing, without need to get your gears on. While bura and jugo each in their own way offer to sailors the excitement and challenge, maestral guarantees a pure pleasure during which you can give yourself to the sea without fear. Sailing during the winter on the Adriatic is unique adventure as well, but prepare for possibility of higher winds and some waves.

There are ways to predict weather changes by monitoring current weather and experienced sailors and residents are very good of it. But, to be sure, there are many services for forecast for Adriatic. You can rely on forecast of the State Meteorological and Hydrological Institute:, status of wind for responsible sailing are on

There are many foreign services also do forecasts for the Adriatic. The most detailed and useful for sailing enthusiast is weatheronline.

Also, you can find out useful information about weather for sailing on