Sailing was on your bucket list for a while. Or, you own a sailing boat at home, but would love to charter a yacht somewhere else to explore the new horizon. In both cases, you need to find a boat, a skipper and organize a trip in a country you have never been to. 

There are all kinds of yacht charters. Some have lots of boats, some have fewer and the quality and age of the boats can significantly differ. How to find what is best for you and not make some crucial errors that will end up spoiling your well-deserved vacation for you?

Here are some essential tips and tricks:

  1. Ask for help

Not everyone knows everything. If you don’t know where to start, you can ask travel agents, charter companies or us at Vodan Yachting to help you choose the boat for you. Best advice: ask a neutral party that can give you the best range of options and recommend you not only a boat type, but the charter company that proved itself with great service, a marina of departure that is the closest to the airport you are landing to, or the area of sailing that suits your preferences the most. 

  1. Know your preferences

The best way we can help you with choosing the boat or a charter is to know what you expect out of your trip. Are you adults only or a family that requires kids-friendly places? Party-head who wants to visit the top locations for nightlife? Adventurist seeking scuba-diving trips or early morning hikes? A gourmet looking to explore some new tastes or best wines? Or a little bit of everything. Let us know what you want, and we will make you an offer you won’t be able to refuse

  1. Action-sailor, or an easy-going cruiser?

It would make no sense to book a high-tech, ultra-light sailing boat if you plan to do some easy cruising or if you have in your group someone who is afraid of boat tilting or prone to seasickness. Likewise, if you like chasing the wind you will find a slow comfy cruiser rather boring. 

  1. Monohull or a catamaran?

Both have their pros and cons. Catamarans are more comfortable, don’t lean to the side during sailing, look great on photos, but are also more expensive and slower. If you are unsure what is the best pick for you, let us know your thoughts and get proper recommendations

  1. How to pick a sailing area and season

Some places are more crowded in high season, meaning you will have to adapt your sailing route and schedule to make sure you get a mooring place in the marina or a table at the restaurant. For such places, best time to visit is in pre and post-season (May-June and September-October). These times of the year are also the best for sailing in Croatia if you are coming for a more intense sailing, as winds are stronger than in the middle of the summer.