Delivery Service

Need to transfer your yacht?

Vodan yachting provides a full skipper/crew and logistic service for your yacht transfer. We also organize all details related to yacht transfer so that you can expect your yacht to be transferred in the fastest and safest way possible with no worries at all.You can rely on Vodan Yachting as we will take care of your yacht as if they belongs to us.

Experienced in yacht transfers, we will organize everything you need for safe delivery of your yacht, whether sailing or power yacht, mono-hull or multi-hull. Reports, location and transfer tracking with up to date status will be done for you as part of our transfer service, including using our own both tracking and safety equipment for your safe sleep while your yacht is being transferred.

Contact us directly or fill in delivery form to begin your yacht delivery!


Q. How much does a yacht delivery cost?

Our delivery quotation provides a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of any costs related to yacht delivey, and lets you know exactly what is included in the cost.

Q. Who does the delivery?

We only appoint and insist on experienced, qualified and professional skippers (Yachtmaster licence as a minimum). We only operate with skippers that we personally know, that have proven themselves over many yacht transfers in the matter of yacht safety, crew management, fast and reasonable decision making and everything done with safety and in most economic matters. At least one extra crew member will also be onboard and qualified as a capable skipper. There is also possibility that you join the yacht delivery in case you have such a wish.

Q. Which route is used and who makes a choice?

The route we choose is chosen to be the safest and the fastest for delivery, depending on the yacht type and weather forecast. We will in advance present our planned route and talk you through it. It is usually the shortest possible which makes our transfers financially highly acceptable. Any deviation from the route in on the skipper’s decision and he is allowed to change it with reasonable arguments such as weather forecast, propulsion issues (engine, sails..) etc. You will be updated with the status of the yachts position and informed on every plan change situation instantly.

Q. Does the boat / yacht need to be insured for the delivery?

Yes. Yacht will need to have insurance with coverage for the proposed passage. Most yachts have already got insurance, so this typically  is not an issue. For your peace of mind all our skippers have their own personal liability insurance which covers their actions on  your yacht on delivery passage also.

Q. Do I need to get my boat / yacht fully ready for the delivery?

No. We offer extra service of yacht inspection with detailed report and if needed, we will arrange your boat to be repaired, serviced or equipped to be in a seaworthy and suitable condition for the passage that is necessary for the delivery. Upon arrival the delivery crew will do a complete inspection of your yacht. Detailed report of the inspection with any possible issues will be addressed. We will not depart before the yacht is in condition for the delivery and packed with all the necessary equipment, though, which is matter of the yacht and crew safety.

Q. Do you deliver sail and power yachts? What about multihulls?

Regardless of type of yacht, whether sail / power yacht, mono / multi-hull we have experienced skippers which will cover your type of yacht delivery passage.

Q. How do we pay for the delivery?

In order to confirm the delivery agreement, we require an initial deposit of min. 30% of arranged delivery fee along with a signed contract. The rest of the delivery fee is due on the completion of the yacht delivery.

Q. Any additional costs for delays?

In case of any additional costs, they will be explained in details and might concern only delays related to incapability of yacht to proceed like engine malfunction etc. There will not be any additional costs for weather delays, we guarantee.

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