Organisation and professional crew management!
Regatta sailing
Preparation. Training. Prestart. Heart beating. Start. Teamwork. Adrenaline. Competition. Sports. Hard work. Happiness for achievement.
If you would like to taste all of that in one event, competitive sailing and sailing regatta under Vodan yachting is the place for you!
Our life passion is sailing. And you can feel it in different ways. One of main passions of ours is competitive sailing, regattas.
You would like to enhance your sportive side of sailing. You would like to feel the adrenaline of the competition among the sailing teams? There is nothing else for you then regatta sailing.
We in Vodan Yachting can provide professional organization of regatta event, participation in existing regattas all over the world, helping you out with professional crew members and help you achieve your goals on the regatta.
If you already have tasted that adrenaline, that hard work and that happiness for the things you achieved, and you would like to have more of it, contact us and we will find you opportunity to have it all over again. Whether as a part of professional sailing team or just as recreational regatta participation, we will do our best for you to feel the taste of fun after and hard work onboard.
You can have your own boat to participate, or you can charter a yacht to participate in regatta. Both ways we can help you prepare the team, the boat for the regatta, and help you through all the safety measures, official regatta paperwork and finally sail great on the regatta.
Your own regatta organisation
Participation in World known regatta
Professional crewing of team members
Regatta training and preparation