Preparation course for professional stewardess

13.04.2024. – 18.04.2023

 6 days

Price : 640,00 Euro
Price does not include VAT

Sailing yacht : Catamaran 42-45 foot (or similar, 4-5 cabin sailing yacht)

Boat stewardess academy

Stewardess or hostess is a crew member with a wide list of duties. Most of those are in service of guests’ comfort, like preparing and serving meals, maintaining the boat interior, and making sure that the guests use their time enjoying their vacation.

A stewardess is the first step from taking a sailing vacation from basic to luxury charter. An experienced stewardess will not only reduce the workload of the guests, but will also make the whole charter experience more pleasurable. In
this course, you will learn what are the duties of a stewardess and do them in practice, but also what skills make a stewardess stand out and ensure more work in the future.

With a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, this academy
 provides the basic knowledge/skills that are needed when working as a boat stewardess. It is a one week course on a sailing boat where future stewardesses, together with the instructors, have an opportunity to experience the nature of this work in almost the same conditions as if they were hired professionally.

In nautical industry, stewardesses are in high demand, and this segment of
 service develops quickly. Therefore, stewardesses must learn a variety of skills, and each new skill is opening new doors for her career. 

Having finished this kind of a course makes the first step much easier because
 you are pretty much familiar with the “life on a boat” and consequently the nature of the work.

Participants are provided with the written material that will help them in future
 work like the topics of briefing, what cooking utilities are necessary to make the work easier, provisioning lists, recipes…

Number of participants: min. 4

What you will learn in this course:

– Introduction to stewardess work and list of duties
– Introduction to boat and boat systems
– Provisioning and storing foods
– Practical use of the galley
– Preparing and serving meals
– Meal planning
– Boat maintenance
– Ecology and waste disposal
– Marine skills – assisting skipper (mooring, anchoring, basic knots, VHF, dinghy operations)
– Communication with guests (prior and during charter), initial briefing
– Communication with charter
– Communication with skipper and teamwork
– Extra services/working hours/free time

 Included in the price:

  • accommodation on the boat
  • boat fuel
  • marina fees
  • experienced hostess instructor and experienced RYA/IYT licenced sailing instructor
  • Preparation for Croatian boat leader B category
  • Discount on Boat leader C preparation courses with our partner Adrialibar
  • Tourist tax

Not included in the price:

  • transport to and from  the boat
  • food and drinks
  • Boat leader B category exam fees


All candidates that satisfy the course program and have shown attitude towards further improvement, we guarantee possibility to get more experience, enroll in different sailing opportunities and work as professional stewardesses!


Practical parts of the course

  • getting familiar with the “life on the boat”
  • accomplishing “in real” all the duties of the boat stewardess
  • communicating constantly to benefit the better quality of the service
  • going through activities of getting/storing the groceries in a practical way
  • preparing/serving the meals and cleaning afterward (including dishes for guests with dietary restrictions: vegetarian/vegan/halal/kosher/gluten fre…)
  • keeping the interior of the boat tidy ( kitchen area, saloon, cabins, toilettes)
  • getting familiar with the rational/economic/practical sides of “living on the boat”
  • basic marine skills to be able to help skipper during the maneuvers (ropes, fenders, berthing, getting out of marinas, anchoring, VHF…)

The theoretical part of the course

  • the tasks/ duties/responsibilities of the boat stewardess
  • going through the subject of “how does the daily working routine ” look like
  • how to communicate with the guests/skipper in order to keep the service on a very good level
  • how to keep the (constant) flow of the services that are needed
  • how does the check-in/welcoming/ briefing look like
  • organization/suggestions of the itinerary
  • extra services/working hours/free time
  • “pay attention” segments and many others
  • Preparation for Boat leader category B exam in port authority

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