Vodan yachting skipper service guarantees professional staff, highly experienced in their field of work.


We provide skipper and crew service for your yacht transfer. We also organize logistics related to yacht transfer so that you can expect your yacht to be transferred in the fastest and safest way possible.​


If you feel that sailing is part of you and you need to learn how to sail better, our team of instructors can help you feel the beauty of sailing.

What means Vodan?

Name Vodan comes from Slavic mythology – the god of waters, rivers and seas that was wide spread before accepting Christianity in these areas.

Vodan, god of the sea and the water came from the glare of Svarogos (the divine creator’s) old-sea and helped him create world as we know today in sea and on land.

His weapon in fights was spear, triton, still a tool of every traditional fisherman. It was believed to fight against sea demons, keep people clean and healthy. As Vodan is believed to exist in Slavic mythology, some are connecting him to other aliases of homologous with the Poseidon in Greek mythology, Neptune in Roman mythology, Vodun or Wodan in French and Saxon mythology, even Odin in Viking mythology.

Whichever mythology we study, we believe that Vodan will help us in our quests of the sea, erase any fear of the nature and help us understand and respect the sea life. It can make our life beautiful and richer.